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Guardians of the ‘Verse

Guardians of the Galaxy is roughly about a ragtag team of outlaws who create a tenuous group to take on a greater threat to save the galaxy as a whole. This is by no means the first time we’ve seen essentially criminals on the side of good. It is a time honored American tradition that […]

Destiny and Orange Soda: Thoughts on Touch

Touch the new FOX show created by Tim Kring (who created Heroes) starring Kiefer Sutherland, David Mazouz, Gugu Mbatha-Raw and Danny Glover follows the struggles of a single father dealing with the unique abilities of his autistic son. Sutherland expertly plays the father, Martin Bohm, whose wife was lost in the September 11 attacks. He […]

Misfits Season 3 Premier Thoughts

Misfits, the brilliantly crude and many times poignant British show about several social rejects that come into special powers is back for Season 3.  Having sold and then purchased new powers at the end of Season 2, it was fun to watch and see what their new powers were going to be.  Aside from perhaps […]

Terra Nova Premier Thoughts

It is the dawn of the 22nd Century and the planet is failing under the weight of humanity.  However, through a rip in time they are able to send people back 85 million years to rebuild humanity.  If was nice to hear the term “event horizon” uttered on TV again. This world anew is a […]

The Event Series Finale

This might be overly dramatic, but I’m fairly certain “The Event” series finale was the most unsatisfying “not” ending to a show I’ve ever watched.  From the beginning “The Event” took several missteps that no doubt lead to its premature demise.  Many of the show’s key concepts were quite interesting and worthy of exploration, but they […]

Thoughts On Supernatural Season Six

Sam and Dean Winchester had quite a tough year.  Sam was resurrected from hell only to be left soulless and basically evil.  Then when Death gives him his soul back he has to wipe his memory so he won’t go completely mental.  Dean finds happiness only to have to give it up and eventually lose […]

Fringe – Season Three Finale

I was beginning to think Fringe had lost its way.  This past season had been meandering down various paths that at first glance seemed to be distractingly unrelated. This season has focused much on the Olivias and Walters, but in this last episode Peter was at center stage. As compelling as Olivia and Walter’s journeys […]