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Looper – Some Thoughts on Time Travel

First off, I want to say, I really enjoyed Looper, it posed some great moral questions, had some excellent action scenes and could be both funny and poignant. Although the acting was good all around, hands down Pierce Gagnon, the young actor who portrayed Cid, stole any scene he was in. In an instant he […]

Terra Nova Premier Thoughts

It is the dawn of the 22nd Century and the planet is failing under the weight of humanity.  However, through a rip in time they are able to send people back 85 million years to rebuild humanity.  If was nice to hear the term “event horizon” uttered on TV again. This world anew is a […]

Vagina Pants

WARNING: There will be a lot of mentioning of vaginas, things related to vaginas, the area around vaginas, and words related to The Vagina. Also, my ranting leads to lack of punctuating. This is to read as if I am speaking to you quickly, angrily and without many pauses for air. On the long and […]