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Robot Juggle

With the help of eight motion capture cameras mounted above a screened in arena these little robots can juggle.  The motion capture data is fed into a computer, which tells the Quadrotor Vehicles where the ball is and how to react appropriately with remarkable accuracy.

Robot Beggar

This cute little robot, named DONA, was designed by South Korea designer Min Su Kim. In the hopes to promote donations in Korea. I certainly would be more inclined to give my money to a robot rather than a flesh and blood human being, but I may be in the minority. Would you be willing […]

Robot Drunk

A robot that makes you drinks.  Rosie from The Jetsons can’t be far behind.  The robot, cleverly named Barbot, was built by a hacker collective in New York. Barbot makes 23 different drinks which are randomly chosen slot machine Vegas style.  At least unlike in Vegas every spin is a winner. See how Barbot works […]