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Robot World Cup

The 2011 RoboCup was played this year in Instanbul,Turkey.  The event matches up autonomous robots playing soccer against one another.  Some of the humanoid robots are actually quite dexterous and can recover from falls quite quickly.  Amazingly all the robosquads are programmed with instructions and then let loose to play the match on their own.  […]

Robot Open Wide

Hair stylist have been practicing their skills on wigs for years, but they are part of a small group of professionals who can practice on something so like the real thing. Now dentist and dental hygienist can be added to this list. The Hanako 2 Dental Robot is a humanoid robot that can simulate a […]

Robot Bon Appétit

I’m a firm believer in perfectly timed exact cooking. If the package says to microwave the contents for three minutes, I do not do it for two minutes or four minutes I do it for three. So the idea of a precision chef with perfect timing is quite appealing to me. If you prefer a […]

Robot Newton

A few weeks ago, RoboDynamics announced there would be a robot in every household by 2021.  However, they are not the first ones to offer us robot slaves personal assistants.   Meet Newton, he’s a personal and “practical” robot that was produced by a SynPet in the 80s and 90s. He has some impressive specs, […]

Robot Billiard

Do you think anyone would notice if you brought him out to the bar and introduce him as your mute cousin who knows nothing about pool? This bot was built as a thesis project by Thomas Nierhoff, Omiros Kourankos and Sandra Hirche at Technische Universität München. With an accuracy rate of 80 percent the billiard […]

Robot Wall Jump

Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University are working on robots that can climb using a dynamic design. Unlike other robots, which climb in increments, this design would allow for fluid vertical motion that could even compensate for gaps or uneven surfaces. They have dubbed their most recent version ParkourBot because it is based on similar techniques […]

Robot Climb

Just like bears, mountain lions and tigers you can now add robots to the list of things you can’t get away from by climbing a tree.  Researchers from The Chinese University of Hong Kong have developed a robot with the ability to climb trees. Treebot has a basic frame with two sets of claws on […]

Robot Heli-Bi-Wheel

Autobots transform!  While this transforming robot probably won’t be protected the planet from other maniacal robots bent on evil, it might one day help in surveillance or search and rescue.  The Center for Distributed Robotics at the University of Minnesota have built a small bi-wheeled robot that can transform in to a helicopter. The robot […]

Robot Share

“Mad Scientists” Dario Floreano and Laurent Keller have built living robots.  Okay so these little guys are not really, “Alive!”  However, they have developed the ability to share with fellow robotkind.  The robots were given the opportunity to move around a simple environment to scout for cylindrical objects that acted as food.  The goal was […]

Robot Buddy

Luna, a robot built by RoboDynamics, may just be the thing to keep your house in order.  The robot companion is as tall as a human, has a touchscreen display, cameras, microphone array, speakers, expansion ports and WiFi.  So basically it is giant Smartphone that can move under its own power.  All I can say […]