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Friends With Kids Trailer

Friends with Kids is about two friends who decide to have a child together with no romantic entanglement. It’s not the most original concept, and doesn’t look like it has anything new to offer. However, I’ll be seeing it if only to hear Chris O’Dowd’s American accent. It’s written, directed, and stars Jennifer Westfeldt. It […]

Bridesmaids: A Review

When a movie is marketed by a poster featuring six women in candy pink dresses, it brings to mind a certain kind movie. Despite its title and leading cast, it is not a chick flick. It is a flick with chicks in it, certainly, but it was not just a movie for women. It doesn’t […]

The Return of Ace and Gary

In a brilliant move, the Robert Smigel “TV Funhouse” skit, The Ambiguously Gay Duo, reappeared on Saturday Night Live last night. This questionably affectionate  animated duo hasn’t graced the screen in years, much to my dismay.  This was my favorite skit when I was younger, and I couldn’t have been more excited to see it […]