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A Bill Pullman Independence Day

On Monday July 4th, stand up comedian Sean Kleier (from Funkanomics) took to the streets of NYC to do his patriotic duty: Quoting Bill Pullman’s speech from Independence Day all over the city. Shame on you, New Yorkers, for just staring blankly at him instead of starting a slow clap for him. He’s clearly more […]

Sci-Fi Ikea Manuals

Have you always wondered how to assemble your own dinosaur? I know I have. Find the full set of instructions, including lightsabers and DeLoreans at College Humor. Here’s one more, of my favorite Time And Relative Dimension In Space machine. Unfortunately I’m having trouble tracking down a wibbly wobbly.

The Bunny in the Yard

So one day I get back from dropping my fiance off at work. While walking to the front door I notice a bunny nestled under the front of the tree in my front yard. Now it is just sitting there staring at me. It’s black bunny eyes boring into my soul. So I cautiously move […]

The Bank Lady

So I was in the bank today, and I was in line next to older woman. The teller was a 20 something female and as my transaction is commencing I hear this conversation… Old Lady: I need to make sure I have enough money for my car payment, but you don’t know what that is […]