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Friends With Kids Trailer

Friends with Kids is about two friends who decide to have a child together with no romantic entanglement. It’s not the most original concept, and doesn’t look like it has anything new to offer. However, I’ll be seeing it if only to hear Chris O’Dowd’s American accent. It’s written, directed, and stars Jennifer Westfeldt. It […]

The IT Crowd Bloopers

Here’s a bloopers reel that somehow manages to be funnier than most shows on television. Highlights include Moss forgetting to wear his glasses and nobody noticing, Roy forgetting his own name, and various other hilarious mistakes. This just makes me even more anxious for Series Five!

Bridesmaids: A Review

When a movie is marketed by a poster featuring six women in candy pink dresses, it brings to mind a certain kind movie. Despite its title and leading cast, it is not a chick flick. It is a flick with chicks in it, certainly, but it was not just a movie for women. It doesn’t […]