Pageant Parent Syndrome

If you feel like you’ve failed as a parent recently because you didn’t react correctly to something or you haven’t spent as much time with them as you’d like, or you feel guilty for something or another, just watch this video about a pageant mom who injects her eight year old daughter with botox. Video from […]

Post it Note Stay at Home Dad

I always love seeing articles about stay at home dads. I think more men should take this on. It seems to make them more creative and balance the karmic scale of things. This is a great example of an offbeat, creative, and humorous father. I think when you have kids you have to hold onto your sense […]

The Bunny in the Yard

So one day I get back from dropping my fiance off at work. While walking to the front door I notice a bunny nestled under the front of the tree in my front yard. Now it is just sitting there staring at me. It’s black bunny eyes boring into my soul. So I cautiously move […]