About Us

The Story

Put simply, we are committed to pop culture with a possible unhealthy skew to the geeky side.  This includes, but is not limited too; movies, TV, video games, the internet, art, etc, etc, … etc.


The Staff

The Editor has a quick wit, uncompromising opinions and an affinity for the British Isles.  Her background includes watching copious helpings of TV and leaping face first into the pop culture deep end.


The Writer when his head is not in the clouds contemplating, among other things, space travel, faster than light travel, time travel, or how to get Stargate back on TV, will watch just about any movie and then callously pick it apart. His ability to distract himself and put off till tomorrow what he could do today is a testament to superior procrastination.


The Administrator has thanklessly plumbed the depths of the internet to unclog the really moist bits to share with the rest of the class, or at least those who will listen.

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