Back to the Future Products that Actually Exist

Taking the “long way” we’ve almost caught up with Doc Brown and Marty McFly’s trip to the future in Back to the Future 2. Which will happen on October 21 of this year. We spotlighted some of the products of that future here. However, what products actually came to exist in reality?

EcoBotIII back-to-future-ii-mr-fusion-home-energy-reactor-replica-2

Mr. Fusion

We don’t quite have a personal version of Mr. Fusion, however the Bristol Robotics Laboratory in Europe have developed a robot that can sustain itself on essentially trash. The EcoBot uses Microbial Fuel Cells to collect energy from the environment.

Homey Smart Home Gardencenter

Smart Home

In the future home of the McFly’s they can talk to their home and it will respond. Such as turning the lights on, switching to a TV station or getting a snack. There are various ways we can do all those things now. Some smart TVs respond to voice commands and a company called Homey has a Kickstarter campaign to produce a product you talk to and will control everything: from lights to music, from climate to TV.

VR Glasses oculus rift google glasses google cardboard BackToTheFuture Glasses

Video Glasses

VR Glasses are not quite as prevalent as they appear in the film, but there is no question we have the technology. From the Oculus Rift to Google Cardboard VR is coming to the masses. Products, such as Google Glass could easily become the go to method for audio and/or video calls.

peftedtaga PespiPerfectMovie

Pepsi Perfect

Recently Pepsi announced it would release a limited edition of Pepsi Perfect for $20.15 a bottle.


TheeBlog-Nike_MAG2011s1 McFly_Nike_Powerlaces

Power Lacing Nike Shoes

Nike had release a limited series of MAG shoes back in 2012, but they lacked the power laces. However, this year they have announced the new MAGs will include the power lace mechanism.

Lexus Hoverboardhoverboard1


Recently, Lexus announced they made a working hoverboard using magnets and cooled superconductors. While the technology is in its infancy it is very impressive. Although, as with the Back to the Future model they might want to add a foot holster.

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