Great Showdowns: Game of Thrones

The artist Scott C has been sketching out some of the greatest showdowns for years now. His most recent additions to his amazing collection hail from a little place called Westeros (and a few from Essos). He has a series of twenty of the great showdowns of Game of Thrones. Below are the first ten.

arya stark the hound sandor clegane Scott C Great Showdownsbrandon stark Hodor the three eyed raven Scott C Great Showdownscersei lannister margaery tyrell Scott C Great Showdownsdothraki viserys targaryen Scott C Great Showdownskhal drogo daenerys targaryen Scott C Great Showdownsoberyn martell the mountain Scott C Great Showdownspetyr baelish varys Scott C Great Showdownsramsay bolton theon greyjoy Scott C Great Showdownstyrion lannister joffrey baratheon Scott C Great ShowdownsWhite Walker samwell tarly Scott C Great Showdowns

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