Doctor Who Villain Cosplay Contest

We all know the Doctor lives for excitement and adventure with a bit of antics thrown in for good measure, but how boring would his life be without the villains? In honor of the new villains from the 2012 Doctor Who Christmas Special “Snowmen” Robot Plunger is having a Doctor Who Villain Cosplay Contest.

How it works …

All you need to dress up like your favorite Doctor Who Villian, take a picture and submit it to our judges.

After our judges have examined all the entries, we will announce the winner. In addition to internet notoriety and a general sense of “well doneness” the winner will receive a FREE t-shirt design of their choosing from the Robot Plunger Store.

Send your submissions here.

The rules …

Along with your photo, please submit a name you would want posted with your entry photo, your email address and the name of the villain you are portraying. In addition, if you are in a group photo please tell us which one you are.

Submissions are due by December 25, 2012 at 12:00 AM EST.

If you wish you may submit multiply villains, but please send only ONE entry per email.

The villain can be from any point in Doctor Who history, just be sure to tell use which one you are.

By submitting your photo, you agree that Robot Plunger can post your picture on or related websites.

Doctor Who is a registered trademark of BBC and BBC America.

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