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Misfits, the brilliantly crude and many times poignant British show about several social rejects that come into special powers is back for Season 3.  Having sold and then purchased new powers at the end of Season 2, it was fun to watch and see what their new powers were going to be.  Aside from perhaps Simon and Alisha I’m not sure they are much better than their old ones.  Although surely they will all prove to be quite entertaining.

Rudy From Misfits Seaons 3

It was great to catch up with the old gang, minus one of course.  On that, Rudy, the Nathan replacement, was front and center.  There was the chance they might try to make Rudy too much like Nathan.  Which I believe would be a mistake.  Even though half of him does have several Nathan like qualities, he does seem to be his own character(s).  That being said, Joe Gilgun, did an excellent job at the new role even with some, no doubt, visually technical obstacles to contend with.

The first episode was very Rudy heavy, but presumable this was to get the audience up to speed with him.  Hopefully this is not of trend of episodes to come.  I cannot wait to see what troubles our band of ‘misfits’ get themselves into this season.  It will no doubt prove to be hilarious, exciting and character building.

Misfits Season 3Check out the trailer.

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  1. I use to love misfits but as of late it appears to be another racist TV show that robs the only black male of his man hood. I guess since the 1st season the writers have been trying to figure out how to successfully down play the role of a black male. First the angry black probation worker then having Curtis and Alisha’s relationship ended when she falls for supersimon. A relationship that defined her character. To now making Curtis a woman wow. How disappointing. Just goes to show how truly racist the world still is. And I thought misfits was different.

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