The 10 Funniest Comedies of the Past Decade

The Hangover was the surprise hit of 2009, taking three relatively unknown actors and turning them into some of the biggest stars of today. It’s vulgar, it’s dark, and it’s undeniably absolutely hilarious.


Death at a Funeral was a little British gem (and no, I am certainly not referring to the 2010 remake) that follows a dysfunctional family at the patriarch’s funeral, setting the stage for a dark, utterly British comedy that everyone needs to go check out.


Super Troopers is an eminently quotable, hysterically funny look at a failing highway patrol department as the prank each other, their criminals, and a competing police department. Meow.


The 40 Year Old Virgin took a seemingly shallow concept and gave it a lot of heart as it follows a gang of electronics store employees as they seek to get their virgin co-worker laid. It must have been hard to make these characters sympathetic, but Judd Apatow succeeded.


Wedding Crashers was brash, vulgar, and hilarious as it followed two womanizers who sneak into weddings to prey on vulnerable wedding guests. It gets complicated as they become involved with members of the powerful Cleary family.


Shaun of the Dead proved that Zombies can be funny as two slackers save their friends and family from a Zombie uprising in England. Armed with a cricket paddle, they fight together as they make their way to the local pub to wait it out.


Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy is chock full of talented comedic actors that portray the 1970s news scene in San Diego. Sexism, alcohol, and a magnificent news anchor battle set the stage for this entertaining comedy.


Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle seems like it should just be aimed at a certain demographic, but this comedy proves to be hilarious whether you’re stoned or not. Two friends go on an epic journey as they try to reach White Castle to feed their munchies, while facing many adversities among the way, including NPH.


Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan– This highly controversial “documentary” gained a lot of notoriety for misleading its subjects, but beneath all the controversy, this movie is uproariously comical as it follows Borat as he reports on the greatest country in the world while trying to locate and marry Pamela Anderson.


Old School follows three men as they try to recapture their youth by starting a fraternity at a local college. What should be pathetic is hilarious as they throw parties, battle the jealous Dean, and bring together a group of misfits all looking for a place to belong.

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