“Why are…” – Fun with Google!

Have you ever been typing something into Google and the suggestion you get is odd or just plain funny? Well I have, so I decided to bring you a regular helping of strange Google suggestions each week. Enjoy!

Why are me?

This is an odd phrase. I am not the Hulk…

Why are me angry.

Why are you wearing that stupid man suit?

Thank you Google for the obscure movie line 🙂

Why are my nipples sore?

This seems a bit personal, but hey Google is your new doctor so ask away!

Who needs a licensed physician? Just ask me anything, I wouldn't lie to you 🙂

Why are you mad?

So is Google used to answering questions like this? Is the user expecting an answer?

Why are there no fat stickmen?

There are they are called circlemen!

One circle away from a snowman.

Why are black people?

*sigh* Why does Google think everyone is a stereotype hunter.

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