Five Shows That Need to be Canceled

Chuck– Don’t get me wrong, I love this show.  I love the action, the intrigue, and the sense of adventure that’s missing from most basic television shows. It’s funny and has a lot of heart. But the whole “Chuck’s the Intersect- No wait, now he’s not the Intersect- Wait, yes he is again” plot line is getting pretty old. Now that the romantic part of the show is settled (and thank God, because that plotline was getting tired as well) there’s little mystery left as to Chuck’s future. The season four finale did end with a slightly interesting look at what season five will hold. It’s supposed to be a major game changer, but I have a feeling it’s going to be the same overdone plot, just with different management.


The Office– It started off so wonderfully. The first few seasons were so hilariously funny, but the past few seasons have been strained. Part of the problem is the “will they-won’t they” plot of Jim and Pam was settled, so a lot of the interest was gone for me. They got married and pregnant so quickly the audience missed the fun part of them being together, plus Pam got whinier and whinier each season. Now with the consistent comic relief of Michael Scott leaving, I’m worried about where the humor is going to come from. Jim barely pranks Dwight anymore. Michael won’t be there to be awkward. I’m not really interested in watching the power struggle between the staff and whoever the new manager will be. I just hope this show is put out of its misery before too long.


One Tree Hill– This was never the best show on TV, but it had a fun soapy, youthful feel to it. It had its faults, but most teenage dramas do, such as way too many car accidents and a cast that was clearly too old for high school. Even when in the fifth season it skipped ahead four years, I was still on board. At least that brought the character’s ages closer the actor’s ages. Then in the seventh season, two of the five main characters left the show, and it really started its decline. The show was built on the relationships these two characters had, and without them it felt hollow. They brought in new actors to fill  out the cast, but these characters are uninteresting and one-dimensional. It has somehow been picked up for a ninth and final season, where it will die a slow and excruciating death. It’s excruciating for me anyway, because for some reason I can’t stop watching.


How I Met Your Mother– This is one of my favorite shows, but as time goes on, the plot is starting to wear thin. With every year that passes, I grow more and more tired of Ted’s pursuit of a wife. It seems like every episode introduces a new candidate, only to be revealed as a dead end. Robin? Not the mother. Stella? Not the mother. Neither was Victoria, Cindy, Zoey, or any other of the countless women Ted has paraded in front of us. I don’t think the show would come to a halting stop just because Ted meets his future wife. In fact, I’d rather him meet her soon and have him spend the next two seasons dating and falling in love with her instead of watching his futile attempts at dating. Barney is getting married before Ted? That shows just how off track this show has gotten. Hopefully the show finds its way back this next season, but I wouldn’t count on it.


Two and a Half Men– This was admittedly funny when it first started, especially when Jake was young and cute. His naive stupidity was the funniest plot line in the show. The adults were stuck in narrow caricatures of themselves. The further along it went, the more apparent it was these characters weren’t going to show any growth or development, aside from Jake’s awkward descent into puberty.

The past few seasons have been unwatchable to me, because I grew tired of the same recycled plotlines and overused jokes. I get it. Charlie’s a womanizer. Alan’s a weenie. Jake’s dumb. Enough already. Charlie going off his rocker was the perfect opportunity to end the show. Now they’re bringing in an only moderately talented actor to try and save this mess? I really can’t imagine this is going to be any good.

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  1. I must say I pretty much agree although I am happy with HIMYM only because I love the characters so much, I’m sure I just wear rose colored glasses with it. OTH I stopped watching pretty much when jake left, he was all I cared about anyway. Two and a 1/2 men went down hill several years ago, they made Allan too lame and it was awful to watch. I’d add Desperate Housewives to that. It’s the one show of mine that’s been on far too long but I feel I have to stick it out until the end. Then of course so many shows of mine end too soon, I really need to have a talk with tv producers.

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