You Know You’re An Asshole When You Go to the Movie Theater If…(Part 3)

21. You throw or slam your money or card at the cashier.

22. You don’t flush after using the bathroom.

23. You splatter water all over the bathroom by shaking your hands dry instead of using paper towels or the hand dryer.

24. You leave your small children with a worker while you leave the theater to do something else, or go off somewhere unknown.

If you are alone and you need to use the bathroom this is void.

25. You leave your small child alone in a theater to watch something else, or just leave for a while.

26. You buy or try to buy tickets for your teens under 17 for a rated R movie.

Look I know this rule is stupid. I think 16 year olds should be able to see as many death scenes or boobs as they want. But if you do this you can cost the cashier their job because it is against company policy and depending on the state illegal. Many people argue with the cashier and don’t understand after it is explained why it is illegal.  Your kid can see the movie if you see it with them. It’s that simple.

27. You do not show an ID when asked for one. If you are older this should be a compliment, not an insult.

*Added by Friends and Commentors:

28. You come to the ticket drop, (where a worker tears your ticket and drops the one half into the box with the slot), and pretend as if you do not have your date’s ticket.

Sometime people lose things or misplace them from box office to ticket drop. Sometimes they pretend not to have it to be dicks, or “funny” as they call it. A good majority of the time they are just trying to get two people into a movie for the price of one, “Oh I lost her ticket,” or “They didn’t give me two tickets!  I asked for two tickets!”

To sum up there are always dbags in public. Some of them are snobs who either never had to work in public service, or don’t remember what it was like. Some think that public service workers are akin to servants. Some are racist, sexist, homophobic ass holes.  Some of you have witnessed these human beings in action. Others of you are these people or have committed some douche baggy crime in public. If anyone can add to this list, please do so, because I’m sure we can get to 50. People are mostly bastard coated bastards with bastard filling, (thank you writers of Scrubs).

and remember…

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