Thoughts On Supernatural Season Six

Sam and Dean Winchester had quite a tough year.  Sam was resurrected from hell only to be left soulless and basically evil.  Then when Death gives him his soul back he has to wipe his memory so he won’t go completely mental.  Dean finds happiness only to have to give it up and eventually lose the only ‘normal’ people he ever loved.  They have to kill their grandfather and a few cousins.  Plus this doesn’t even take into account the vampires, time travel, dragons, alternate realities and the spawn of purgatory.

With the crisis of the apocalypse diverted you would think the dynamic due would be able to get some well deserved down time.  Yet of course there are more monsters to deal with and an angel hell bent on putting the apocalypse express back on schedule.  You know the human race is screwed when angels have it in for us.

Then, much to Dean’s dismay, we learn our Ace, or angel, in the hole, Castiel, has teamed up with the king of Hell.  According to our trench coat wearing chum it is for the greater good, but we all know how well that usually turns out.

Season six was not as focused as the last few seasons, but that was to be expected after a five season story arc came to an end. That’s not to say it’s all bad, it did offer some classic humor, a few shocks and let our boys grow a little. Hopefully next season they’ll continue to grow, and to tighten up the plot, which shouldn’t be hard after season six’s finale, which gives them a great plot line to follow.

All I can say is thank Castiel they got another season because with the new sheriff in town Earth is going to be a very interesting place.

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