The Gate Will Not Engage

Sadly the final episode of Stargate: Universe, and subsequently the franchise Stargate, has been aired.  That is fourteen years, three series, nearly four hundred episodes and two DVD movies.  Unfortunately, after all of that, the fans were left with an epic and touching cliffhanger and the answers to those amazing unanswered questions are probably not going to be forthcoming any time soon.  Brad Wright, the executive producer and creator of all three series, announced that the hopes of doing a SGU movie did not fall into place.  In addition, the two other movies planned, one for Stargate: Atlantis and one for Stargate: SG1, have been permanently shelved.

The Stargate franchise has been a huge influence on my life for nearly ten years and I came a little late to the party.  For others they have been watching adventures through the “old orifice” since they were kids.  The series have all brought me a sense of wonder, laughter, and tears of both sadness and joy.  We have lived and grown close to so many great characters over the three series that it is hard to say good-bye. 

Not only have the on screen tales dazzled, but also the talented and dedicated crew has inspired me.  The worlds the Stargate franchise has brought to life never disappoint.  Everything from intricate sets, fascinating costumes, brilliant props to ground breaking visual effects were never less than wonderful.  These worlds brought to life by brilliant behind the camera talent and all scored by beautiful compositions.  The producers and writers of the show have gotten their fair share of flack over the years, but have consistently strived to tell compelling stories and have done so admirably.     

Stargate has indeed always upheld a sense of exploration and curiosity about our world and worlds unknown.  Its dedication to doing what is right rather than just what is easy has constantly impressed.  This concept was there in the final moments in an incredible courageous and remarkable way.  I simply cannot express enough how sad I am to see it go, but I am glad I was there for the ride.

I firmly belive that one day the gate will reopened, but until then … Godspeed.

5 thoughts on “The Gate Will Not Engage

  1. You expressed my feelings on the cancellation so well. It has been an incredible ride which I have very much enjoyed.

  2. I’m glad you wrote this, I’m very sory to see this series end – although to be honest, I don’t think it was the best start to Stargate and that my have driven away some viewers. But I stuck with it, and this second season has just been increadible. Ending it in this way is a real smack in the face for fans.

    I just think that people need to show some sort of a protest, cancel subscriptions to Syfy, it’s not like that actually have any Scifi shows now anyway!

  3. I’ve seen every episode of SG-1, Atlantis, and Universe… And the only trend that really stands out: is how once things are really getting momentum, some deskjockey kicks the support out from under the shows. I hope this fucking sinks SyFy…

    First that BS with Atlantis’ funding: and now this.

    SGU was just starting to live up to the franchise.

    I just don’t understand how such good shows always get canceled…

    Whether it’s Farscape,Sg-1,SGA,Firefly,Term: SCC, BSG, Caprica, Threshold….
    They all just sputter out.

    Television is just going to shit.
    Wrestling and before that this Ghost Faggotry…

    Remember The Outer Limits?

    I hope some high-paid exec gets hit by a bus over this.

    Goodbye Stargate…
    I hope one day to see you again(See: Eureka)

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