The Event Series Finale

This might be overly dramatic, but I’m fairly certain “The Event” series finale was the most unsatisfying “not” ending to a show I’ve ever watched. 

From the beginning “The Event” took several missteps that no doubt lead to its premature demise.  Many of the show’s key concepts were quite interesting and worthy of exploration, but they were not presented in a way that drew audiences.  At least not the right ones at the right time. 

One of the chief reasons I believe the show lost viewers from the start was that it attempted to mimic another show’s story telling devices.  That show being “Lost”.  During the first half of the season the main story of “The Event”, which involved perhaps three different story arcs, was inner cut with things that happened in the past.  Although unlike “Lost”, the flashbacks did not give us great insight into irresistible characters.  They confused both the plot and where the plethora of the characters fit in.  This was used to some degree to keep the audience in the dark about many mysteries, but it did so to a fault.

Another reason I think audiences did not turn back up week after week was the lack of a clear villain.  The real world is not black and white, but prime time network TV usually needs to be.  I am not saying that shows do not blur the line from time to time, but there are usually clear villains and heroes.  “The Event” gave us far too often sympathetic villains and the heroes were so clueless it was hard to root for them.

When the show came back from a fairly lengthy hiatus it seemed the producers had seen these issues as well.  Gone were the flashbacks and side stories.  Our benevolent would be invaders become disproportionally ruthless although they went from intelligent beings to murderers bent on genocide far too easily.  On the up side the heroes had a clear enemy and started fighting back.  Boundaries were drawn and most of the mysteries were replaced with suspense.  The changes came too little too late, because the ratings kept falling and by the finale were nearly at their lowest.

Finally went the final moments of “The Event” were unfolding we ware taunted to what the event actually was and left with a fairly stunning and consequential visual.

First Half of Season One - Benevolent
Second Half of Season One - Malevolent

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