The Bunny in the Yard

So one day I get back from dropping my fiance off at work. While walking to the front door I notice a bunny nestled under the front of the tree in my front yard. Now it is just sitting there staring at me. It’s black bunny eyes boring into my soul. So I cautiously move past the furry terror and into my house.

I am in ur yard sitting by your tree.

Now fast forward like 6 hours later, I leave to pick up my fiance and BUNNY! The the same spot just chilling like there is nothing wrong with impersonating a statue.

Bunny = Statue
I would like you to meet Fred, he doesn't say much...

Now this goes on for like 3 days, I know it is alive because one time I started to walk near it and it shot across the yard. Bunnies also starting showing up in the back yard, just hanging out in tall grass, like furry ninja’s waiting to strike.

Teenage Mutant Ninja who!?!?!

So I started doing some real thinking on this and here is what I came up with…

There MUST be a some sort of secret bunny base underneath the trees, and they are plotting something.

Secret Base
You see nothing!

Or maybe they are fucking aliens like those fucking owls from ‘The Fourth Kind’.

Your soul tastes of brussel sprouts.

I would have to say, most likely it is because it has been raining where I live for like 3 fucking months straight and my yard is like a wildlife preserve, but I will not assume too much.

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