Pageant Parent Syndrome

If you feel like you’ve failed as a parent recently because you didn’t react correctly to something or you haven’t spent as much time with them as you’d like, or you feel guilty for something or another, just watch this video about a pageant mom who injects her eight year old daughter with botox.

Video from ABC News

While watching this I just had the comic Maria Bamford echoing in my head, “Baby look pretty now mommy?”

I think that being a pageant parent should be classified as a mental illness. There has to be some strange syndrome out there that these people fit into . Injecting your eight year old with Botox for her “wrinkles” is an obvious case of child abuse.

There are so many other extremes that pageant parents put their kids through such as: waxing, hair and eyebrow extensions, extreme diets, mental abuse, fake teeth, wigs, revealing outfits, and Odin knows what else. These children are constantly having their body images mind fucked, and are being set up for a lifetime of body dysphoria issues.

Has anyone ever heard of a show, Toddlers in Tiaras? TLC has been in a death nose dive for years showing us the most useless and embarrassing aspects of human beings. I’m not sure if their programming is to show us these horrifying people and what they do to each other, themselves, and their children, or if it is promoting it. On another creepy and disgusting level are the judges at these events. I’ve seen but snippets of this show and the people on the panel judging the sexiness or beauty of a child in a bikini is absolutely abominable. I feel all gross just thinking about it.

I know many pageant parents say that their children really want to do this and they are just supporting them. Honestly it seems more like the parents really want their kids to do this so they can vicariously live through them. Children are very open to suggestion, if mommy or daddy or guardian of some sort psyches them up enough, they will do it.

For example: I sometimes get very suggestive about dorky things like Buffy, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Science Camp, theater, Harry Potter and so on with my step-son and eventually he’s on board.

You are the parent and you ultimately decide what you kid does or does not do, especially when they are at a young age. I think there are parents who look at their children as empty objects in movement that they can dress up and primp and do with what they want without thinking of the consequences of how it will affect their developing bodies and psychology.

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