Now That is Good TV

Last night SyFy aired the second to last episode of Stargate Universe, Blockade, and it was quite an episode. There were great moments for many of the characters to shine and for one of them to show his old colors. The episode had a great balance of exploration, action, suspense, drama and even humor. Not to mention the stunning visual effects. The blue supergiant was simply beautiful. And who doesn’t love emotionless flying robots with giant guns?

I do not think they could have packed more intense scenes into one hour of TV, if they tried. Although I’m assuming they did. One element that really kept me on the edge of my couch was the sense of peril one of the secondary characters was in. Rarely does TV have the ability to give the audience a sense of real dread about whether or not a character might die.

We all assume a show’s main and reoccurring characters are safe. It is an understanding in TV that the body count will be low, unless you are wearing a red shirt. So, to be able to still keep an audience in suspense is a testament to good production.

It is truly a shame SyFy felt the need to cancel SGU and that the chips did not fall into place for the show to live on in some of other form. However, I’m certainly glad they got to make the great TV they did.

3 thoughts on “Now That is Good TV

  1. “Rarely does TV have the ability to give the audience a sense of real dread about whether or not a character might die.”

    You’ve never watched “24” then. 😉

  2. It is such a shame thatt SGU was cancelled.
    I kind of liked the show in the begginging, but the show really has grown on me, especially since season 2.0 started.
    This is probally one of the greatest Sci- Fi shows ever made. The VFX are amazing. They are so real and believeable.
    the characters took a while to warm up to, but as of now I am really starting to enjoy watching them wek after week.
    I cant belive SyFy actaually cancelled this amazing show !
    Also I have never seen so many people on the net talking about how upset they are that a show got cancelled.
    I really do not beleieve that SyFy gave this show a chance to be successful by moving the show on tuesday and now mondays. They moved it there so the ratings would die off and then they had the perfect excuse to cancel it.

    Look at Sanctuary, it was on Fridays and pulled in around 1.5 million an episode. now it gets moved to monday and the show drops to 800,000 viewers 2 weeks in a row. meanwhile this show got renewed.
    I know the decision was made before sanctuary’s numners dropped, but I thik they really should reconsider their decision !!!
    At least a couple of TV movies or a mini series to finish it off !
    S now we with stargate Atlantis without a proper ending so they could produce SGU, and now the same goes for SGU without a proper ending !

    that is a bunch of BS if you ask me. especially for a franchise that has been running since 1994 !

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