Fictional High Schools

We all grew up watching movies and television about kids in high school, assuming their experiences would relate to what our experiences would be. Awesome parties,a handsome boyfriend who adored you, and perfect grades while doing very little work to achieve them.  While that rarely was true, here are the five best and worst fictional high schools to attend. The five best:

John Adams High (Boy Meets World)- You’ll never see a more concerned, involved principal than George Feeny. Think of how many life lessons you’d learn as you navigate love and detention at this school.


Bayside (Saved By The Bell)- Although apparently quite small (an office, a hallway, and one classroom), this awesome school was a great place to hang out with your stylishly dressed friends. Plus, none of the teachers ever stopped Zach from answering a phone call in class with his cutting edge cellular phone.


Shermer High School (The Breakfast Club, Weird Science, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off)- This quintessential school was the home of so many disobedient students, so I’m sure it would be like a party to be there. You know, as long as someone doesn’t tape your butt cheeks together.


The Harbor School (The OC)- Welcome to the OC, bitch. Aside from the stunning architecture, beautiful students, and full coffee shop, I’d want to attend The Harbor School because of all the extracurricular activities. The dances alone would keep me busy for a long time.


Ridgemont High (Fast Times at Ridgemont High)- Any school that lets you have a pizza delivered right to class is okay by me. It’s also ripe with school spirit, has a great football team, and one of the hottest girls to ever grace a red bikini.



And the five worst:


Rydell (Grease)- It’s full of gangs, annoyingly perky cheerleaders, daft teachers, and worst of all, spontaneous singing. This sounds miserable. Plus, I don’t want to be an athletic supporter. It sounds sweaty.


Dillon High (Friday Night Lights)- Unless you’re a huge fan of football, this school doesn’t have a lot else going on for it. Although if I could sit next to Riggins in class, I could live with the rest of it.


McKinley (Glee)- I wouldn’t want to listen to Rachel whine all the time, worry about getting slusheed, or live under Sue Sylvester’s reign of terror. Plus, more spontaneous singing.


Neptune (Veronica Mars)- Although it would be fun to mingle with the rich and famous’ offspring, the crime rate at this school is rampant. It’s also full of racial tension, biker gangs, and bitchy 09ers.


Sunnydale (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)- Look, any school that’s located on a hellmouth is going to have issues. I understand that. But I don’t want to have to worry about a praying mantis teacher trying to seduce me.

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