An Essos Vacation – Game of Thrones Postcards


With summer coming to a close and the kids heading back to school it is nice to look back on the summer vacation. A cross country trip across Essos, to visit all nine of the Free Cities. A postcard from each major city of Essos. You can even get your own to send.

The Walking Dead: Stuck On Repeat

walking dead season 4 5

When “The Walking Dead” premiered on Halloween of 2010 it was a television revolution. A horror-based tv show, about the survivors of a zombie apocalypse, hardly seemed like a good bet. However, through complex and interesting characters, plus a good amount of gore the show rose in popularity. Critical acclaim accompanied a rabid and diverse […]


Edinburgh Castle, Scotland

When you’re on holiday, I’m sure you pose for a few pictures in front of notable sights and location. Well the same is true for the Doctor’s TARDIS. A new section of Robot Plunger called A TARDIS Abroad is the spot to catch a glimpse of the TARDIS on holiday. And in addition, you can […]

Happy 50th Anniversary Doctor Who

Doctor Who 50th Anniversary

Wishing Doctor Who a brilliant 50th Anniversary.  

Doctor Who Villain Cosplay Contest

robot plunger doctor who cosplay contest

We all know the Doctor lives for excitement and adventure with a bit of antics thrown in for good measure, but how boring would his life be without the villains? In honor of the new villains from the 2012 Doctor Who Christmas Special “Snowmen” Robot Plunger is having a Doctor Who Villain Cosplay Contest. How […]

Doctor Who 2012 Christmas Special

Doctor Who 2012 Christmas Specail Snowmen

After the sorrowful send off of the “Ponds” the Doctor is back for the annual Christmas Special. In addition to a trailer for the new episode we are also treated to a mini/prequel-sode, entitled, The Great Detective. The Christmas episode itself was penned by Executive Producer Steven Moffat and takes place in Victorian era England. […]

The Walking Dead – Cold Storage Webisodes

The Walking Dead Webisode_Cold_Storage

With the epic return of the Walking Dead AMC released four webisodes entitled “Cold Storage.” It is a good simple story and gives insit into how some of the other survivors, or chossen ones, dealt with the days after the initial outbreak. There is also a little tip of the hat to some of the […]

Doctor Who Pond Life

Doctor Who Pond Life Season 7 Prequel

Doctor Who: Pond Life – Part I Doctor Who: Pond Life – Part II Doctor Who: Pond Life – Part III Doctor Who: Pond Life – Part IV Doctor Who: Pond Life – Part V

Doctor Who Season 7 Preview


Check out this preview for Doctor Who Season 7! “Dinosaurs … on a space ship.”

You Are Now Leaving Eureka – Eureka Series Finale


With the dwindling number of new TV shows that truly let imagination sore, it is a shame to see Eureka end. Eureka, is a small town full of geniuses working on secret government projects and bringing a completely new meaning to the phrase, “tinkering in the garage.” Inevitable these projects get out of hand and […]