Behold the Trailers of Comic Con 2014

mockingjay walking dead hobbit

The 2014 San Diego Comic Con has packed up the panel tables, folding chairs and microphones, but they left behind a wealth of trailers. From big Hollywood to small screens, 2015 has some great things to look forward to; The first of the last of the Hunger Games saga; The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 […]

Doctor Who 2012 Christmas Special

Doctor Who 2012 Christmas Specail Snowmen

After the sorrowful send off of the “Ponds” the Doctor is back for the annual Christmas Special. In addition to a trailer for the new episode we are also treated to a mini/prequel-sode, entitled, The Great Detective. The Christmas episode itself was penned by Executive Producer Steven Moffat and takes place in Victorian era England. […]

The Walking Dead – Cold Storage Webisodes

The Walking Dead Webisode_Cold_Storage

With the epic return of the Walking Dead AMC released four webisodes entitled “Cold Storage.” It is a good simple story and gives insit into how some of the other survivors, or chossen ones, dealt with the days after the initial outbreak. There is also a little tip of the hat to some of the […]

Doctor Who Pond Life

Doctor Who Pond Life Season 7 Prequel

Doctor Who: Pond Life – Part I Doctor Who: Pond Life – Part II Doctor Who: Pond Life – Part III Doctor Who: Pond Life – Part IV Doctor Who: Pond Life – Part V

Doctor Who Christmas Special 2011 Trailer

Doctor Who Christmas special 2011 Matt Smith

Check out the trailer for the 2011 Doctor Who Christmas Special. Staring Matt Smith as the Doctor.

Touch – Trailer

Touch TV Show Trailer

The new show “Touch” staring Kiefer Sutherland and Danny Glover is very high concept.  Martin Bohm (played by Sutherland) has an autistic child named Jake (played by David Mazouz) who has never spoken.  But through a series of events he learns that although his son may look lost in the world, he can actually see […]

Misfits Season 3 Trailer

Misfits Season 3

The Season 3 trailer for “Misfits” has been released and even without Nathan, it looks like we are in for some more great shenanigans perpetrated by our loveable ASBO delinquents.  If you haven’t seen Seasons 1 or 2 I highly recommend it.  The show is an excellent blend of raunchy humor and genuine heart.

New Girl Trailer


There’s a flood of videos being released of upcoming fall tv shows. Here’s the one that looks the best to me, at least so far. Zooey Deschanel stars as socially awkward Jessica Day, who finds her model boyfriend cheating on her. She moves into a house with three guys, played by Max Greenfield, Jake Johnson, […]