The Twelth Doctor – Some Thoughts on the New Doctor and his Companion


We are now several episodes into the freshman season of the twelfth (or thirteenth) Doctor. Peter Capaldi certainly has some big shoes to fill. Although, much is new, such as the furnishings in the TARDIS and a sometimes bewildering accent, yet some things remain the same. His companion is still Clara Oswald and the sonic […]

Edinburgh Castle, Scotland (a TARDIS abroad)

Edinburgh Castle, Scotland

On the battlements at Edinburgh Castle in Scotland, UK. See more of A TARDIS Abroad.

Lego Build by Google Chrome

Stargate - Lego

A new app for Google Chrome lets users use Lego’s to build anything their hearts desire and then place their creations anywhere around the world. A brief search of the new Lego World has revealed some geeky entries.                    

St Boltophs – Skidbrooke, Lincolnshire, UK (a TARDIS abroad)


A trip out in the TARDIS to the abandoned church St Boltophs in Skidbrooke. Submitted by: Stuart Woodhead See more of A TARDIS Abroad.


Edinburgh Castle, Scotland

When you’re on holiday, I’m sure you pose for a few pictures in front of notable sights and location. Well the same is true for the Doctor’s TARDIS. A new section of Robot Plunger called A TARDIS Abroad is the spot to catch a glimpse of the TARDIS on holiday. And in addition, you can […]

Doctor Who Season 7 Preview


Check out this preview for Doctor Who Season 7! “Dinosaurs … on a space ship.”

April 2012 Images Around the Web

X Equals Tardis


The Doctor Is Back


Check out this prequel to the new Doctor Who episode, “Let’s Kill Hitler.” It is great to see the Doctor back at the TARDIS controls, but why is he screening his calls? I can’t wait for the new season to start, and what a great episode title. Doctor Who returns August 27 on BBC America.

The Best Ways To Travel Through Time

HG Wells The Time Machine

So you want to travel through time? But which time travel device is the best way to go? For me, it would have to be a time device you could actually control. There are so many accidental or happenstance ways people travel through time. Such as time rifts or broken donkey wheels. But really who […]

Sci-Fi Ikea Manuals


Have you always wondered how to assemble your own dinosaur? I know I have. Find the full set of instructions, including lightsabers and DeLoreans at College Humor. Here’s one more, of my favorite Time And Relative Dimension In Space machine. Unfortunately I’m having trouble tracking down a wibbly wobbly.