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Lego Build by Google Chrome

A new app for Google Chrome lets users use Lego’s to build anything their hearts desire and then place their creations anywhere around the world. A brief search of the new Lego World has revealed some geeky entries.                    

Stargate SG-1 Unleashed – Richard Dean Anderson

After SG-1 was cancelled five years ago we got a great gift in both The Ark of Truth and Continuum SG-1 movies. However, since then the team hasn’t been back together. Until now, or then, depending on if you want to think forth dimensionally. Arkalis Interactive just released an all new SG-1 game for iOS […]

My Issues with SyFy

I have a love hate relationship with the Syfy Channel (or SciFi, as I still refer to it in my head). The channel has this strange gift for producing interesting science fiction and fantasy series, and then canceling them very abruptly in the midst of storylines or directly after a cliffhanger season finale. According to […]

The Best Ways To Travel Through Time

So you want to travel through time? But which time travel device is the best way to go? For me, it would have to be a time device you could actually control. There are so many accidental or happenstance ways people travel through time. Such as time rifts or broken donkey wheels. But really who […]

The Sci Fi Channels Identity Crisis

The Sci Fi channel used to be a beacon in the increasingly drab realm of television.  With reality and recycled episodic TV increasing exponentially, shows like Battlestar Galactica and Stargate were welcomed and rewarding reprieves.  After Battlestar ended and Stargate: Atlantis was cancelled science fiction audiences were tantalized with the hope of a brand new […]

10 Sci-Fi Shows We Lost Too Soon

John Doe aired for one season on Fox from 2002 to 2003.  It centered on a man found naked on an island off the coast of Seattle with no memory of who he was.  However, he does seem to know a lot about many, many other things.  Possible even the whole of all human knowledge.  […]

The Gate Will Not Engage

Sadly the final episode of Stargate: Universe, and subsequently the franchise Stargate, has been aired.  That is fourteen years, three series, nearly four hundred episodes and two DVD movies.  Unfortunately, after all of that, the fans were left with an epic and touching cliffhanger and the answers to those amazing unanswered questions are probably not going to […]

Now That is Good TV

Last night SyFy aired the second to last episode of Stargate Universe, Blockade, and it was quite an episode. There were great moments for many of the characters to shine and for one of them to show his old colors. The episode had a great balance of exploration, action, suspense, drama and even humor. Not […]