April 2012 Images Around the Web

X Equals Tardis


March 2012 Images Around the Web

Fezzes Are Cool

Amazing Pumpkin Carvings


Just in time for Halloween, here are some awesome (and awesomely geeky) pumpkin carvings.   Ash from the Evil Dead, from carvingpumpkins.com   The Death Star comes from Fantasy Pumpkins, who also include a tutorial, in case you want a Death Star of your own to grace your porch this Halloween.   Raccoon Mario comes […]

The Anatomy of Nerds & Geeks


Sooo I have qualities of both…what does that make me…a Neek? or maybe a Gerd? Either way it is a humorous outtake on the subculture. Source Geeks Are Sexy

LEGO Star Destroyer


This video uploaded by YouTube user iomedes of a 100% LEGO recreation of a Star Destroyer. Impressive, very impressive.

Harrison Ford Tells off Chewbacca!


In this great skit from Jimmy Kimmel Live Harrison Ford tells off his old partner in crime, and from the sounds of it rightly so! The best line is quite possibly “Daniel Craig is my wookie bitch now!”.

Star Wars Style Gang Fight!


This hilariously geeky video directed by Sam Macaroni is a fun look at what might happen if we had Star Wars technology now in the middle of a turf war. Check out their website http://www.shaycarl.com. So I hope this does not give George Lucas any ideas, I do not want to see a re-re-mastered edition […]

Star Wars METAL!


Holy guitar shredding Batman! Eric Calderone or 331Erock on YouTube is quite talented, and he has almost done this 30 times. With other gems like MegaMan, Zelda, Pokemon, Power Rangers, Mortal Kombat, Captain Planet, Various Street Fighter Themes, Saw Theme, and a whole slew of songs including Stu’s Song from The Hangover and Rebecca Black’s […]

Harry Potter and Star Wars: a Character Comparison


Ever think there were any similarities between Harry Potter and Star Wars? I didn’t, but this is an interesting comparison chart from (geekinheels.com) for some of the main characters… So is it just coincidence or was J.K. Rowling thinking of Chewie when she thought of the Hagrid…

10 Highly Rated Movies That Actually Suck


Just because a movie comes highly recommended and generates a lot of buzz doesn’t mean it doesn’t suck. Here are 10 movies that are supposedly excellent, but in actuality are awful. 1. Citizen Kane- It may be unfair to judge a movie this old and iconic based on modern standards, but if the AFI is […]