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The Event Series Finale

This might be overly dramatic, but I’m fairly certain “The Event” series finale was the most unsatisfying “not” ending to a show I’ve ever watched.  From the beginning “The Event” took several missteps that no doubt lead to its premature demise.  Many of the show’s key concepts were quite interesting and worthy of exploration, but they […]

Ratings, Smatings

Stargate: Universe has been off the air now for about two weeks and I’m still pretty bitter about it.  Stargate and a slew of other great shows over the past few years have been cancelled because of low ratings.  However, is the system in place serving as an accurate way of telling how many people […]

The Gate Will Not Engage

Sadly the final episode of Stargate: Universe, and subsequently the franchise Stargate, has been aired.  That is fourteen years, three series, nearly four hundred episodes and two DVD movies.  Unfortunately, after all of that, the fans were left with an epic and touching cliffhanger and the answers to those amazing unanswered questions are probably not going to […]