The Return of Pop-Up Video


VH1 has announced that after a ten year hiatus, they are bringing back Pop-Up Video.  Co-Creator Woody Thompson is back on board as executive producer. The network has ordered 60 half hour episodes to start airing this fall. According to the Hollywood Reporter: The reboot will remain faithful to the original concept of bubbles of […]

You Know You’re and Asshole When You Go to a Concert If…


You pick people out in line to mock. Be it for their clothing, weight, hairstyle or that they are wearing the shirt of a band you dislike. You then, not only make fun of them to your friends, but out loud to the person themselves. The insults are never very educated or creative.    They are […]

January – April Music Wrap Up 2011


You will be viewing a list of the music I have been listening to or want to listen to so far this year. I am not a music critic so I am usually not very critical I am also giving you my opinion so no hard feelings if insult “your band”. Enjoy! January Cage The […]

Miley Cyrus Performs Smells Like Teen Spirit


NO. Just no. Unacceptable. I only made it to the two minute mark (the chorus) before turning it off. I bet you can’t make it any further.