Congratulations to the New Doctor


It is official Peter Capaldi will be the twelfth (or thirteenth) Doctor. Capaldi will take the reins of the TARDIS as Matt Smith bows out in this years Christmas Special. The BBC made the announcement today live across the world with a special called, “Doctor Who Live.” Capaldi is no stranger to Doctor Who, in […]

Doctor Who 2012 Christmas Special

Doctor Who 2012 Christmas Specail Snowmen

After the sorrowful send off of the “Ponds” the Doctor is back for the annual Christmas Special. In addition to a trailer for the new episode we are also treated to a mini/prequel-sode, entitled, The Great Detective. The Christmas episode itself was penned by Executive Producer Steven Moffat and takes place in Victorian era England. […]

Doctor Who Pond Life

Doctor Who Pond Life Season 7 Prequel

Doctor Who: Pond Life – Part I Doctor Who: Pond Life – Part II Doctor Who: Pond Life – Part III Doctor Who: Pond Life – Part IV Doctor Who: Pond Life – Part V

Doctor Who Season 7 Preview


Check out this preview for Doctor Who Season 7! “Dinosaurs … on a space ship.”

Doctor Who Christmas Special 2011 Trailer

Doctor Who Christmas special 2011 Matt Smith

Check out the trailer for the 2011 Doctor Who Christmas Special. Staring Matt Smith as the Doctor.

Doctor Who – South Park


I can just imagine all the crap the Doctor would run into if the TARDIS materialized in South Park.  Might be the one place on Earth, he might just give up on.         Check out all eleven Doctors envisioned as South Park kids. Check out other Cartoon Versions of the Doctor.

The Doctor Is Back


Check out this prequel to the new Doctor Who episode, “Let’s Kill Hitler.” It is great to see the Doctor back at the TARDIS controls, but why is he screening his calls? I can’t wait for the new season to start, and what a great episode title. Doctor Who returns August 27 on BBC America.