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Robot Infant

I can’t decide if it is super adorable or super creepy. Osaka University is developing a lifelike baby sized robot called Affetto.  The little robot’s key goal is to study the effects that humans have toward a robot that looks just like a human as opposed to one does not.  Soft silicone and actuators combine […]

Probably the Coolest Thing You’ll See All Day

From Esty user Dougfx comes the most awesomely amazing lawn gnome I’ve ever seen.  This piece is already sold, but according to his profile, he does commissions.The artist is a former special effects artist who now just dabbles in the field, but I’d love to see more out of him. Whoever purchased it got it […]

The Bank Lady

So I was in the bank today, and I was in line next to older woman. The teller was a 20 something female and as my transaction is commencing I hear this conversation… Old Lady: I need to make sure I have enough money for my car payment, but you don’t know what that is […]