The Twelth Doctor – Some Thoughts on the New Doctor and his Companion


We are now several episodes into the freshman season of the twelfth (or thirteenth) Doctor. Peter Capaldi certainly has some big shoes to fill. Although, much is new, such as the furnishings in the TARDIS and a sometimes bewildering accent, yet some things remain the same. His companion is still Clara Oswald and the sonic […]

Doctor Who Season 8 Teaser


The BBC released a teaser trailer for the upcoming 8th season of Doctor Who. While it does not reveal much about the Twelfth Doctor’s inaugural season, it does confirm an August premier date. Just try not to watch it more than once.

Congratulations to the New Doctor


It is official Peter Capaldi will be the twelfth (or thirteenth) Doctor. Capaldi will take the reins of the TARDIS as Matt Smith bows out in this years Christmas Special. The BBC made the announcement today live across the world with a special called, “Doctor Who Live.” Capaldi is no stranger to Doctor Who, in […]

Doctor Who Christmas Special 2011 Trailer

Doctor Who Christmas special 2011 Matt Smith

Check out the trailer for the 2011 Doctor Who Christmas Special. Staring Matt Smith as the Doctor.

Doctor Who – South Park


I can just imagine all the crap the Doctor would run into if the TARDIS materialized in South Park.  Might be the one place on Earth, he might just give up on.         Check out all eleven Doctors envisioned as South Park kids. Check out other Cartoon Versions of the Doctor.

Misfits Season 3 Premier Thoughts


Misfits, the brilliantly crude and many times poignant British show about several social rejects that come into special powers is back for Season 3.  Having sold and then purchased new powers at the end of Season 2, it was fun to watch and see what their new powers were going to be.  Aside from perhaps […]

Cartoon Doctor Who

Doctor Who Simpson

 Simpson Who Anime Who Muppet Who Check Out The Doctors in the style of South Park. Check out some animal versions of the Doctor.

Misfits Season 3 Trailer

Misfits Season 3

The Season 3 trailer for “Misfits” has been released and even without Nathan, it looks like we are in for some more great shenanigans perpetrated by our loveable ASBO delinquents.  If you haven’t seen Seasons 1 or 2 I highly recommend it.  The show is an excellent blend of raunchy humor and genuine heart.

Doctor Who Animal Versions

Doctor Hoo

Doctor Hoo Doctor Mew Theses are the only 2 animal recreations of all the doctors regenerations I could find, anyone know of any others? Check out some other cartoon versions of the Doctor. Check out the Doctors in the style of South Park.

Summer Sci-Fi TV

Summer Sci-Fi TV 2011

With the state of science fiction on television recently one might be down on the prospects for compelling sci-fi TV. However, not all is lost there are some new and returning science fiction TV this summer to look forward to. Outcasts – June 18 on BBC America Although this series has already aired on the […]