Game of Thrones – 80s and 90s

GOT Makeove - Jon Snow

French artist and graphic designer Mike Wrobel has given some of favorite and not so favorite Game of Thrones characters a 80s and 90s style makeover. It is amazing how well he captures the personalities of the characters bore out only in common style of the two decades. The Stark children are especially well done.


Edinburgh Castle, Scotland

When you’re on holiday, I’m sure you pose for a few pictures in front of notable sights and location. Well the same is true for the Doctor’s TARDIS. A new section of Robot Plunger called A TARDIS Abroad is the spot to catch a glimpse of the TARDIS on holiday. And in addition, you can […]

Jurassic Park Art

Jurassic Park Pakoto

Life found a way … to be adorable. Check out these unique recreations of classic scene from the original Jurassic Park film. These were done by the artist Pakoto.

Cartoon Doctor Who

Doctor Who Simpson

 Simpson Who Anime Who Muppet Who Check Out The Doctors in the style of South Park. Check out some animal versions of the Doctor.

The Anatomy of Nerds & Geeks


Sooo I have qualities of both…what does that make me…a Neek? or maybe a Gerd? Either way it is a humorous outtake on the subculture. Source Geeks Are Sexy

Doctor Who Animal Versions

Doctor Hoo

Doctor Hoo Doctor Mew Theses are the only 2 animal recreations of all the doctors regenerations I could find, anyone know of any others? Check out some other cartoon versions of the Doctor. Check out the Doctors in the style of South Park.

A Chair Within A Chair, Within A Chair

Inception Chair 4

If your mind was blow by the film “Inception” then you might not want to stare at this chair too long for fear you might get stuck in Limbo. The chair, created by designer Vivian Chiu, is constructed from several basic chair frameworks that are successively smaller and fit snugly together.  They can even be […]

10 Awesome Works of Super Mario Themed Art


1. Deviant Art user Robotpencil brings us an unsettling view of our favorite characters painted in a realistic style. Check out his page for Toad, Wario, Yoshi, and lots of other great paintings.   2.  From Final Score Products comes this dot matrix style work of art. Using mixed media, they piece together a lovely […]

Artist Spotlight: Mehmet Ali Uysal


From the young Turkish artist, Mehmet Ali Uysal, come some of the most inventive, yet simple, sculptures I’ve ever seen. They focus not just on the sculpture, but the way the sculpture interacts with and changes its environment. Check out some of my favorites of his works. [imagebrowser id=2]

Probably the Coolest Thing You’ll See All Day


From Esty user Dougfx comes the most awesomely amazing lawn gnome I’ve ever seen.  This piece is already sold, but according to his profile, he does commissions.The artist is a former special effects artist who now just dabbles in the field, but I’d love to see more out of him. Whoever purchased it got it […]