The Avengers Custom Chucks

Captain America Converse

With the Avengers coming out in a soon I felt inspired to customize some designs of my personal favorite shoes, enjoy! Captain America Iron Man Thor The Hulk Black Widow Hawkeye

Doctor Who – South Park


I can just imagine all the crap the Doctor would run into if the TARDIS materialized in South Park.  Might be the one place on Earth, he might just give up on.         Check out all eleven Doctors envisioned as South Park kids. Check out other Cartoon Versions of the Doctor.

Amazing Pumpkin Carvings


Just in time for Halloween, here are some awesome (and awesomely geeky) pumpkin carvings.   Ash from the Evil Dead, from   The Death Star comes from Fantasy Pumpkins, who also include a tutorial, in case you want a Death Star of your own to grace your porch this Halloween.   Raccoon Mario comes […]

Cartoon Doctor Who

Doctor Who Simpson

 Simpson Who Anime Who Muppet Who Check Out The Doctors in the style of South Park. Check out some animal versions of the Doctor.

The Best Ways To Travel Through Time

HG Wells The Time Machine

So you want to travel through time? But which time travel device is the best way to go? For me, it would have to be a time device you could actually control. There are so many accidental or happenstance ways people travel through time. Such as time rifts or broken donkey wheels. But really who […]

10 Highly Rated Movies That Actually Suck


Just because a movie comes highly recommended and generates a lot of buzz doesn’t mean it doesn’t suck. Here are 10 movies that are supposedly excellent, but in actuality are awful. 1. Citizen Kane- It may be unfair to judge a movie this old and iconic based on modern standards, but if the AFI is […]

Five Popular Functional Alcoholics


Don Draper (and most of the staff of Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce) is not just a drink-at-home alcoholic, but also drink-at-work and drink-at-children’s-birthday-parties alcoholic. They do it in style (except for Fred Rumsen), with classic cocktails of whiskey and martinis, while dressed to the nines. With all this boozing, it’s no wonder they have so […]

Fictional High Schools


We all grew up watching movies and television about kids in high school, assuming their experiences would relate to what our experiences would be. Awesome parties,a handsome boyfriend who adored you, and perfect grades while doing very little work to achieve them.  While that rarely was true, here are the five best and worst fictional […]

10 Sci-Fi Shows We Lost Too Soon


John Doe aired for one season on Fox from 2002 to 2003.  It centered on a man found naked on an island off the coast of Seattle with no memory of who he was.  However, he does seem to know a lot about many, many other things.  Possible even the whole of all human knowledge.  […]

10 TV Shows That Were Canceled Too Soon


10. Life Unexpected was a sweet little series that aired on the CW for two short seasons throughout 2010.  The basic plot was a child who was given up for adoption by a teenage mother reappears in the mother’s life sixteen years later, to the surprise of the father who never knew she existed. It […]