Harry Potter: Life Lessons

In honor of the end of Harry Potter, and subsequently the end of my childhood, I present life lessons learned from my 13 year relationship with HP books and movies. Spoilers ahead for those who’ve not finished the movies and/or books   Number 1: Your abusive guardian(s) may serve some purpose after all besides making […]

You Know You’re an Asshole Doctor if…

A patient comes to you explaining that they have trouble losing weight despite good diet and exercise. You look at them and say something to the effect of, “Yeah right, workout more.Yes the vast majority of people who complain of this are eating poorly and probably not taking the best care of themselves. They may […]

D-Bag Bill Collectors

Being an adult sucks sometimes. I mean, I never want to have to go back to being a teenager with limited freedoms and raging hormones.  But back then when the bill collectors called my mom handled them because she was the adult in charge. Even through college when I was still under her health insurance, […]

Super Mario Wedding!

I am okay with themed weddings, but I don’t know how anyone will look good dressed as Mario… Not to mention the father of the bride is going to be Bowser. Bowser! Does anyone not remember what he looks like… The only way I see themed weddings really working is if the characters or theme […]

Ratings, Smatings

Stargate: Universe has been off the air now for about two weeks and I’m still pretty bitter about it.  Stargate and a slew of other great shows over the past few years have been cancelled because of low ratings.  However, is the system in place serving as an accurate way of telling how many people […]

Preparedness 101: Zombie Apocalypse

The time is finally upon us. I don’t know when, or how, but Z-Day is coming. At least, the CDC has released a guide called Preparedness 101: Zombie Apocalypse (Available here). I assume they’ve released this because they know something we don’t, and this is their warning to us. Right after they tweeted this, the […]

Judgment Day is Upon Us?

Being the caring, generous person that I am, I wanted to warn you that Judgment Day is coming up on Saturday. According to several Christian groups, May 21st 2011 will mark the second coming of Christ. The movement is led by Harold Camping, who runs the Evangelical network Family Radio. He suggests that at 6pm […]