Lego Build by Google Chrome

Stargate - Lego

A new app for Google Chrome lets users use Lego’s to build anything their hearts desire and then place their creations anywhere around the world. A brief search of the new Lego World has revealed some geeky entries.                    

The Castle On The Hill – An Interactive Browser Based Game

The Caslte On The Hill

With the future of gaming taking many forms StoryNexus has developed a unique “mostly” text based gaming system that allows just about anyone to create their own text adventures. There are many interesting and intriguing worlds to explore. From their flagship game, “Fallen London”, to many other. One we think you might enjoy (at least […]

April 2012 Images Around the Web

X Equals Tardis


March 2012 Images Around the Web

Fezzes Are Cool

100 Greatest Shut Ups in Films


Thanks to YouTube user mewlists for compiling this very funny video, see below for timestamps and movies the clips were from. 1. Harold and Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay a. Intro 2. Fight Club 3. The Departed 4. The Terminator 2 5. The Godfather III 6. Green Mile 7. Lenny 8. Little Miss Sunshine 9. […]

The Anatomy of Nerds & Geeks


Sooo I have qualities of both…what does that make me…a Neek? or maybe a Gerd? Either way it is a humorous outtake on the subculture. Source Geeks Are Sexy

LEGO Star Destroyer


This video uploaded by YouTube user iomedes of a 100% LEGO recreation of a Star Destroyer. Impressive, very impressive.

Star Wars Style Gang Fight!


This hilariously geeky video directed by Sam Macaroni is a fun look at what might happen if we had Star Wars technology now in the middle of a turf war. Check out their website So I hope this does not give George Lucas any ideas, I do not want to see a re-re-mastered edition […]

Cosplay Fever: Raise Your Glass


This is quite the accomplishment! A cosplay recreation of Pink’s Raise Your Glass. You will see a full gauntlet of characters from The Joker to the 10th Doctor. You can check out Cosplay Fever on their Facebook page here.

Star Wars METAL!


Holy guitar shredding Batman! Eric Calderone or 331Erock on YouTube is quite talented, and he has almost done this 30 times. With other gems like MegaMan, Zelda, Pokemon, Power Rangers, Mortal Kombat, Captain Planet, Various Street Fighter Themes, Saw Theme, and a whole slew of songs including Stu’s Song from The Hangover and Rebecca Black’s […]