An Essos Vacation – Game of Thrones Postcards


With summer coming to a close and the kids heading back to school it is nice to look back on the summer vacation. A cross country trip across Essos, to visit all nine of the Free Cities. A postcard from each major city of Essos. You can even get your own to send.

You Are Never Going To Believe What These Are Made Of …

Randall Rosenthal cardbox12

Artist Randall Rosenthal has the amazing ability to turn one block of wood into just about anything. Meticulously carved from a single block of wood and then carefully hand painted into, not only, photo realistic, but all three dimensions realistic. The level of detail is simply astonishing. For more amazing art and information.

Lego Build by Google Chrome

Stargate - Lego

A new app for Google Chrome lets users use Lego’s to build anything their hearts desire and then place their creations anywhere around the world. A brief search of the new Lego World has revealed some geeky entries.                    


A TARDIS Abroad Edinburgh Castle, Scotland

When you’re on holiday, I’m sure you pose for a few pictures in front of notable sights and location. Well the same is true for the Doctor’s TARDIS. A new site called A TARDIS Abroad ( is the spot to catch a glimpse of the TARDIS on holiday. And in addition, you can get in […]

Jurassic Park Art

Jurassic Park Pakoto

Life found a way … to be adorable. Check out these unique recreations of classic scene from the original Jurassic Park film. These were done by the artist Pakoto.

Doctor Who – South Park


I can just imagine all the crap the Doctor would run into if the TARDIS materialized in South Park.  Might be the one place on Earth, he might just give up on.         Check out all eleven Doctors envisioned as South Park kids. Check out other Cartoon Versions of the Doctor.

Amazing Pumpkin Carvings


Just in time for Halloween, here are some awesome (and awesomely geeky) pumpkin carvings.   Ash from the Evil Dead, from   The Death Star comes from Fantasy Pumpkins, who also include a tutorial, in case you want a Death Star of your own to grace your porch this Halloween.   Raccoon Mario comes […]

Cartoon Doctor Who

Doctor Who Simpson

 Simpson Who Anime Who Muppet Who Check Out The Doctors in the style of South Park. Check out some animal versions of the Doctor.

Doctor Who Tattoo!


This is a detailed and wonderful rendition of The Doctor’s TARDIS, a Dalek, and Allons-y! Done by Lynn McNew at Almighty Studios in Belleville, IL on 10-7-2011.

The Anatomy of Nerds & Geeks


Sooo I have qualities of both…what does that make me…a Neek? or maybe a Gerd? Either way it is a humorous outtake on the subculture. Source Geeks Are Sexy