She’s Back – Original Trex to Appear in Jurassic World

According to Jurassic World director Colin Trevorrow the original tyrannosaurus that terrorized children twenty years ago is back. In an interview he said, “The T. rex that’s in the film is the T. rex from the original Jurassic Park. She is 22 years older.”

And how did she hold up after twenty plus years? Trevorrow said, “… she’s not limping around.” He went on, “… it’s going to move a little bit differently, but it’ll move differently because it’s older. And we’re giving her some scars and we’re tightening her skin. So, she has that feeling of, like, an older Burt Lancaster. And this movie is her Unforgiven.”

Jurassic World Trex Robot PlungerIn the same interview, he also mentioned the original Visitor Center will make an appearance in the new film.

While it is great they are giving nods to the original film it seems a bit unlikely either the visitor center or the t-rex would still be around. After the incident on the original island it was said that Isla Nublar was completely destroyed probably by a napalm attack. Which would have no doubt killed all the animals on the island and incinerated any structures.

Although, the bombing event certainly occurs in the novels and in the Jurassic Park games, the event is not explicitly mentioned or seen in the films. However, in a deleted scene from the Lost World: Jurassic Park the character Peter Ludlow says, “… demolition, de-construction, and disposal of Isla Nublar facilities, organic and inorganic, 126 million dollars.”

So, if they did call off the air strike and the island went on untouched then why is no one talking about the other island full of dinosaurs in the Lost World or Jurassic Park III?

Even if somehow the island escaped being incinerated, is it possible the dinosaurs would have been able to survive? As explained in the Lost World they can over come the lysine problem, but what about other issues, such as food and breeding. As for carnivores we know for sure there is only one tyrannosaurus, a handful of dilophosaurus and three adult velociraptors, although those raptors were probably all dead by the end of the film. Of course, we saw at least the raptors had managed the breed in the wild. Though, one does question how, given there were no raptors “unsupervised” on the island. (Perhaps, they had originally let the raptors roam free in a paddock similar to the ones they kept the other animals in before putting them in their own enclosure.)

Jurassic Park Trex eating RaptorIn any case, there are very few carnivores on the island, which is good because there are very few herbivores on the island.  We know that Isla Nublar was only the “showroom” and would have only been home to a small number of dinosaurs at any given time. Hopefully, that small amount of herbivores, that didn’t get sick from whatever was ailing that triceratops, figured out how to change their sex and get busy before the hungry carnivores ate them all.

Does it really matter if the island was destroyed or not destroyed? Or, if the animals could have survived on their own or not? Probably not, because at the end of the day it’s only a movie.


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