The Walking Dead: Stuck On Repeat

walking dead season 4 5When “The Walking Dead” premiered on Halloween of 2010 it was a television revolution. A horror-based tv show, about the survivors of a zombie apocalypse, hardly seemed like a good bet. However, through complex and interesting characters, plus a good amount of gore the show rose in popularity. Critical acclaim accompanied a rabid and diverse fan base. Already renewed for its fifth season, the show does not seem to be winding down any time soon.

The question is how much longer can “the Walking Dead” stay upright and mobile. After the prison/Governor disaster finished, we not only lost a beloved character, but also lost the group’s sanctuary. Our core survivors are, once again, separated and on the run. With each smaller group trying to find one another and/or find a new place to call home. While this makes for suspense and unease for our survivors. It is nothing new for them or for us watching. In fact, it is had developed into quite a pattern.

Atlanta Camp, CDC, Hershel's farm, The Prison

We have been through this cycle, not once, but three times. The show started with Rick by himself separated from this family and safety. He finds both at the camp outside Atlanta. When the camp is abandoned, they arrive at the CDC and enjoy some short-lived shelter. Once the CDC literally goes up in flames, they stumble upon Hershel’s farm. Where mostly everyone is together and relatively safe. Then, the herd crashes the farm party and the group separated.

Most recently, they made the prison their makeshift base. Although, the prison stuck for a while the Governor rained all over that and once again, the group is scattered. If the pattern repeats like it should, the Sanctuary for All camp will be the new home. Everyone will be back together and, again, moderately safe. Until inevitable, they will have to flee and start the whole cycle again.

How many more times around can the survivors take? Or more importantly, how many more times can the viewing audience take?