You Are Now Leaving Eureka – Eureka Series Finale

Eureka Series FinaleWith the dwindling number of new TV shows that truly let imagination sore, it is a shame to see Eureka end. Eureka, is a small town full of geniuses working on secret government projects and bringing a completely new meaning to the phrase, “tinkering in the garage.” Inevitable these projects get out of hand and threaten to endanger the person who built it, their neighbors, the town, the country, the planet or sometimes space and time. And it is the job of U.S. Marshall turned small town sheriff, Jack Carter, to save them from themselves. Usually this meant risking his life in some fantastic scheme, but he was never alone … It takes a village or a town.

The key to what made Eureka work was that although all the problems were created with fancy four syllable words and pushing the boundaries of science the solution was usually something simple that all the super smart people had over looked. That is what made Eureka unique, many times in science fiction, it is the uber brainiacs saving the day, which is great, but it is nice to see the “common man” coming up with the solutions.

Yet beyond the science, tech jargon and the physical comedy one thing Eureka never had too much of, was heart. Through good times and bad times, through wormholes and alternative timelines the inhabitants of Eureka always knew they could count on one another. There are plenty of lessons to be taken from Eureka, but I think the most important one is, to quote Douglas Fargo, “Dream big.” Although if you are going to dream big it is helpful to have someone by your side that has their feet firmly planted on the ground. I mean unless there is some sort of rouge particle exciter interacting with someone’s fission powered toaster causing anti-gravity.


Commemorative t-shirt for the Series finale of the SyFy tv show Eureka.
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