Destiny and Orange Soda: Thoughts on Touch

Touch the new FOX show created by Tim Kring (who created Heroes) starring Kiefer Sutherland, David Mazouz, Gugu Mbatha-Raw and Danny Glover follows the struggles of a single father dealing with the unique abilities of his autistic son.

Sutherland expertly plays the father, Martin Bohm, whose wife was lost in the September 11 attacks. He is left to care for his son, Jake Bohm, played wonderfully by David Mazouz. Jake is autistic, has never spoken a day in his life and will not allow himself to be touched. He spends all his time taking apart cell phones, compiling lists of seemingly random numbers and drinking orange soda.

touch - kiefer sutherland

Sutherland, who has spent so much of his recent career taking out terrorist and generally kicking ass, takes on a very different roll here. He displays vulnerability, weariness and frustration without sentimentality as the single father in an impossible situation doomed to get worse. Martin is desperately looking for a connection to his son who he can’t even touch. When the possibility to ‘hear’ his son presents itself, even though it is farfetched, he does not hesitate.

touch - David Mazouz as Jake Bohm

Mazouz certainly had his work cut out for him and he seems up to the task. It is one thing to act with dialog and movement, but it is quite another to do so silently with very little gestures. It will be interesting to see how the character develops and how long he will stay verbally silent.

The interconnectivity that the series builds it premise on is a fascinating concept, but the question remains will the episodes been interconnected or simply present us with a puzzle of the week.

Touch will Premier in March. Watch the Trailer

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