Little Known Horror Films for Halloween

Fido Film ZombieFido.
In this alternative Earth timeline, zombies are a fact of life and also family pets.
Fido is a non-traditional zombie movie with 50s style and sensibilities. There is plenty of gore, but there is also sweet moments and a interesting subtext on how society views death and dying.


dead and breakfastDead and Breakfast.
On a road some wayward friends find themselves lost in a nowhere town with no place to stay, but a creepy bed and breakfast.
This movie is not filled with complex characters or challenging plot points, but it is an irreverent supernatural gorefest.


Dance of the DeadDance of the Dead.
A group of high school outcasts, who couldn’t even get a date to the prom, must try and save their classmates from a zombie onslaught. It is always great to see the outcasts given the change to step up and try and save the day.


Attack The Block MovieAttack the Block.Review
A band of delinquent teens must team up to defend their apartment complex from an evading alien force.
It is a mix of suspense, action and some gore, all peppered with some great humor. In addition, there are some creative chase scenes, plus one of the most interesting and scary aliens I’ve ever seen.


Troll HungerTrollhunter.
Students from a local college in Norway investigate bear maulings, but soon find there is more too it and that sometimes fairy tales are brutal.
The film’s style is a cross between The Blair Witch Project and Cloverfield, but is completely unique in its content. There are a good amount of intense scenes and some brilliantly dry comical moments.


Monsters FilmMonsters.
After a NASA probe crashes down in South America, extraterrestrial creatures carried on the probe begin to grow and evolve. Two unfortunate travelers attempt to transverse the extraterrestrial zone on their way home.
The film does not focus too much on the creatures, but rather on the relationship between the main characters and the hardships, they face in the jungle and in their pasts. The alien creatures look incredible and many times quite beautiful. Yet they also contribute to a great sense of suspense and some very tense scenes.

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