Amazing Pumpkin Carvings

Just in time for Halloween, here are some awesome (and awesomely geeky) pumpkin carvings.


Ash from the Evil Dead, from


The Death Star comes from Fantasy Pumpkins, who also include a tutorial, in case you want a Death Star of your own to grace your porch this Halloween.


Raccoon Mario comes to us from Planet Mario, who also has a whole mess of other Mario themed pumpkins.


You Blinked! from Noweia.


WALL-E was made by Mark Ratliff


Pumpkin of the Ood, by Joamm Tall


This precious Gollum pumpkin comes from Book or Treat.


Snape is from the Crafty Cattery.


The Serenity, from Firefly, comes from Joss’d.


ET, from Instructables.