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It is the dawn of the 22nd Century and the planet is failing under the weight of humanity.  However, through a rip in time they are able to send people back 85 million years to rebuild humanity.  If was nice to hear the term “event horizon” uttered on TV again.

Terra Nova Cast

This world anew is a harsh environment filled with many obstacles and dangers.  And of course dinosaurs.  Is it a coincidence that the first dino we see is a brachiosaurus, which is also the first dinosaur revealed in full detail in another Steven Spielberg adventure.  Although Terra’s dinosaurs are not quite up to “Jurassic Park” standards, but this is TV.

“Terra Nova” is certainly of an impressive scope.  Easily bringing both prehistoric and dystopian Earth to life with breathtaking visual effects and intricate sets.  We can only hope the human stories do not get lost in that gigantic scope.

I’ll gladly root for the anti-hero, but basing a series around a couple that blatantly breaks the law, repeatedly just because they feel above seems like an odd place to start.  But the show is about second chances, so I’ll give Mr. and Mrs. Shannon a pass for now.

I hope to see more wonder at their new world and overcome obstacles not just brought on by the outcast ‘sixers’.  I look forward to delving into the several mysteries hit on in the premier.  Is this really an alternative timeline?  Who sent the sixers?  Why is the ore so important?  It had better not be unobtainium.

Terra Nova Trees

Action and visual effects are one thing, but if we learned anything from “Lost” its that all you really need is some great characters to get behind and root for.  Also, I hope the rest of the series has a bit more humor.

All in all, I’ll be back for episode two.

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