Robots Everywhere But Where Is Wall-E

In the style of Where’s Waldo (which as a kid I both loved and hated) artist Richard Sargent has created a brilliant collection of famous and vague robots to hide Wall-E in.

I was delighted to find Tom Servo from MST3K and even a DRD from Farscape among the group, but surprised find the robot from The Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog.

Some of my other favorites are Bender, the Bad Robot robot, K-9, Goddard, Marvin and Kryten.

How many can you name?  Who’s your favorite?

Where Is Wall-E
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Hopewell Studios

2 thoughts on “Robots Everywhere But Where Is Wall-E

  1. Wow!! 3 ‘I am Robot’s next to the Bicentenial Man. The killer robot from Saturn 3, the ‘Black Hole’ robots, a scutter, a couple of different Cylons and Serge, the little seen Chamelion from Dr. Who, Tik Tok, the worker robots from ‘Silent Running’, the android butler from ‘Sleeper’, the mechanical asssasin from ‘Wizards’, 2 ‘Lost in Space’ Robots, Dot Matrix from ‘Spaceballs’, the evil fembot from ‘Metropolis’….. the list just goes on and on. Amazing!

  2. Bubo the Owl! A killer ‘bot from ‘Screamers’, the robot from ‘Millenium’, the robot head from ‘Lexx’, Number 5 (aka Johny 5), H.E.R.B.I.E., Jaguar from a Godzilla movie who’s title escapes me, Brain from ‘Space 1999’… is there any robot they left out?

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