Robot Bon Appétit

I’m a firm believer in perfectly timed exact cooking. If the package says to microwave the contents for three minutes, I do not do it for two minutes or four minutes I do it for three. So the idea of a precision chef with perfect timing is quite appealing to me. If you prefer a more nuanced and “off the cuff” approach to cooking then probably a robot chef would not be for you.

Meet Rosie and James.  The Technical University Munich and robotics firm Willow Garage, respectively developed these two robots.  Recently the two teamed up to cook up some tasty sausages.  Using a combination of laser scanners and 3D sensors they can find and use various objects from frying pans to spatulas.  Both robots have great mobility due to Omni directional mobile bases that can navigate obstacles.

The robots are able to simulate shopping and bringing the ingredients “home”.  Then divide the tasks of cooking the sausages and slicing French baguettes.  Finally, they plate the Bavarian breakfast. 

I would love to see one of these on Iron Chef.

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