D-Bag Bill Collectors

Being an adult sucks sometimes. I mean, I never want to have to go back to being a teenager with limited freedoms and raging hormones.  But back then when the bill collectors called my mom handled them because she was the adult in charge. Even through college when I was still under her health insurance, she was the one to whom I would forward the collectors. But now they know. They know that I’m not a college student anymore. They know that I no longer have health insurance. They know I’m an adult responsible for all of my debt and medical bills. And they are mean.

This represents Adult Me Post-College


So here is a list of the top douchey things bill collectors have done to many people over the years.

  1. Belittle you for not paying the debt. Sometimes when they call to collect and people explain that they don’t have the money at the time, collectors have been know to call people losers, lazy, stupid ect.
  2. Threaten you if you don’t give them your card number or routing number over the phone. I recently when explaining that I would send a check payment in, had the lady threaten to contact my boss, and the payroll department to have my check garnished. Not only is this illegal but it is completely out of line.
  3. Talk very slowly and loudly, and snobby to you to get their point across. Some people are incredibly stupid, yes. Sometimes their is bad reception. But when you can tell by their tone that they clearly think that you being poor=you being stupid.
  4. Make fun of you for losing your job or being underemployed.
  5. Calling you after you’ve already made a payment, and then yelling at you for not making a payment. This happens for one of two reasons:
  • The person doesn’t look at your account and see that you’ve already made a payment that month.
  • The person who said they put it in the system that you paid didn’t.
  • It may be on one person’s spread sheet or whatever that you paid and not on another’s.
  • The automated system hasn’t been updated.
  • This is their way of further intimidating you to get you to pay everything in full instead of in payments.

Remember never give your card number or routing number over the phone. Especially if you are needing to make small payments instead of the full amount. More than likely they will take out the full amount and possibly keep taking out even though the balance is paid. To learn what is legal and illegal for debt collectors to do go here.

For Example: They can't do this.



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