10 Awesome Works of Super Mario Themed Art

1. Deviant Art user Robotpencil brings us an unsettling view of our favorite characters painted in a realistic style. Check out his page for Toad, Wario, Yoshi, and lots of other great paintings.


2.  From Final Score Products comes this dot matrix style work of art. Using mixed media, they piece together a lovely rendition of Mario, and many other great pop culture works.


3. From Photobucket user nailchick27 comes a highly detailed work of art manicure. Check out her Photobucket for this and other works of nail art.


4. There are a lot of great Mario cakes out there, but this Mario Kart piece is a stand out. It’s stunning details are all completely edible. Check out the full set of photos here.

5. From Etsy user Michellerheaume comes this adorable Piranha plant softie.  She designed it from scratch, but she also sells patterns for other softies including Mario and Toad.


6. Rob Dob brings us these mugshots of our heroes, Mario and Luigi. They’re simultaneously cute and scary in this rendition. The artist has plenty of other awesome portraits on his site as well.


7. From Etsy user Tails32x comes some pretty awesome 8-Bit needlepoint alongside veiled innuendo. These adorable pieces make a statement regardless of how small or sweet they are.


8. Deviant Art user Gary Storkamp brings us an epic look at our hero in action against Donkey Kong. You can read the terror and triumph in Mario’s eyes as the horrible DK spittles in his direction.


9. Etsy user  SpaceTrash brings us these custom made geekily awesome Vans. Each pair is hand drawn by the artist with nonwashable markers made to withstand rain. Imagine all the places you could wear these amazing shoes!


10.  From a Photoshopper named Pixeloo comes this realistic super creepy portrait of Mario. If I were Peach, I’d just stay with Bowser rather than have to spend time with him.

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